6 Lead Generation Strategy Techniques That You Should Know About

lead generation strategy Jan 27, 2022

Did you know that 85% of content marketers say that lead generation is their top goal this year? If you've found yourself in this statistic, then you're in the right place. Because we've got the top six lead generation strategies you can use to grow your business.

Make sure to keep reading and see which lead generation strategy is right for you so you can start growing your audience right away.

1. Optimize Your Website

One of the best lead generation strategies is to ensure that your website is optimized and professional. The first thing someone will do once they hear of your business will be to search for your website. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Take the time to create a website that will impress your customers, and make it easy for them to find you and contact you once they do visit your site.

2. Always Include a CTA

Whether you're creating a blog post, email campaign, or Instagram Reels, you must include a call to action. Don't leave your audience wondering what to do next. Share with them the next step and show them how they can reach you.

3. Don’t Neglect Direct Mail

Whether you run a product or service-based business you can grow your leads through direct mailers. Send a postcard with a coupon to houses within a certain zip code near you, or consider offering free samples if they come into your location.

The options are endless and this strategy still works in today's digital age.

4. Get Creative With Social Media

Never before have business owners had such direct access to prospective clients and customers. You can reach your audience immediately from anywhere in the world thanks to social media.

So optimize your profiles, post regularly, and interact with your audience to grow your business. Regular engagement with your audience will build that ever-important know, like, and trust factor. So get creative and don't neglect the social media platforms.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Work With Experts

Lead generation companies work with businesses just like yours to help business owners grow their companies. You have a lot to do, and when you work with an expert you can shorten the learning curve so you can see success faster.

Finding and converting new customers is too important of a task to leave to chance, so consider hiring someone who can scale your growth faster.

6. Create Gated Content

Don't let anyone tell you that email is dead in the business world. One of the best B2B lead generation strategies still includes creating content that can only be accessed when your readers give their contact information.

This content can be anything from white papers to ebooks or exclusive reports. Talk with your target audience and find out what information would be extremely valuable to them. The key is to create something so valuable for your audience that they will gladly share their contact information with you.

Which Lead Generation Strategy Will You Choose?

As you create your lead generation strategy, choose one of these options and master it. Be sure to eventually incorporate each one into your business plan so you can continually grow your audience and scale your business.

And now that you have new leads, what do you do with that information? To learn more about the next step, click here to learn about nurturing your new leads.

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