Beyond Instagram and Facebook: Social Platforms to Jump On Now

social platform Feb 27, 2022

So you've set your brand up on Facebook and Instagram and you're certain that your social media strategy is taken care of. Not so fast - there are many more players on the block that have the potential to boost your social presence and business growth.

Check out these trending social platforms to look out for in the coming year.


This fast-growing social media platform has many people confused. Young people are obsessed with it and older generations pretend it doesn't exist. But with around 850 million monthly users, it is too significant to ignore.

Video content continues to rise and video marketing is a trend that is more important now than ever. TikTok makes creating appealing video content easy. There are tons of fun effects, filters, and music overlay features that turn a simple marketing video into a huge hit.

It's an important social media marketing platform for businesses that have a younger audience or who want to work with fashion and e-commerce influencers.


After Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has become one of the most popular social media platforms. What began as a networking platform for professionals has become a great resource for marketing your business to potential clients and partners.

While it's not designed for e-commerce purposes, the platform is buzzing with B2B companies and has a less competitive newsfeed compared to the social media giants. You can easily use LinkedIn to grow your brand awareness without paying for advertising.


Snapchat is a fantastic choice for small businesses that have an 18-34-year-old target market. Snapchat's engagement rate is almost four times more than Instagram and your business can benefit from its informal nature.

You can use Snapchat stories to engage and attract your audience and encourage sharing with its new sharing feature. Promotional content shared on Snapchat can be very beneficial to boosting sales.


One of the most powerful social platforms, Twitter has an average of 330 million active users. It's simple to use and doesn't depend on visual content - easy, right?

Your business can reach huge audiences in a creative way as well as hashtags to reach new audiences and keep up with trends. You can jump on trending hashtags to expand your reach or use some of Twitter's advertising opportunities.


Pinterest is chock-full of inspiring and creative content and a fantastic platform for online shopping and e-commerce. For businesses that have a women-centered target market, this is a crucial platform for your business. Fashion, home decor, wellness, and lifestyle businesses can benefit hugely by utilizing Pinterest.

And the best part? Almost half of the Pinterest users have high incomes and money to spend.

Use the Best Social Platform for You

Not every social platform is equal. They reach different audiences and support different purposes. It's important to look further than Facebook and Instagram and find trending social platforms that work for your business.

If you need a little help, Infinite Design House has got you covered. Contact us today to talk about your social media strategy.


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