Convince, Then Convert: How to Drastically Improve Your Website Copy

website copy Feb 03, 2022

Converting users from your website is a dream for most business owners. Website conversions go hand in hand with web copy. Users need to enjoy your content to take targeted action.

You might be leaving sales on the table if you aren't nailing your copy. Keep reading to check out this guide on how to improve your website copy for more to increase conversions.

Do Keyword Research

The key to highly converting copy is the subtle addition of the right keywords. Keywords can make web copy searchable and easier for leads to find you on search engines. Correctly targeted keywords can improve your search rankings and lead to higher website conversions.

Conduct research to find popular keywords in your industry. These are the phrases that your users prefer when searching for your products. It's best to focus on high volume, low competition keywords if you aim to rank high on search engines.

Induce Curiosity with Catchy Headlines

Web visitors usually scan website copy to decide whether they'll continue reading. If nothing captures their interest within seconds, they might leave without thinking twice. One way of ensuring they'll stay is by writing catchy headlines.

Research shows headlines can influence conversion rates. Also, 36% of website visitors prefer numbered headlines. In short, there are elements you can add to your headlines to make your copy more convincing.

Keep It Scannable

Easily readable copy encourages readers to consume the full copy. It takes readers from the introductions and to the end quickly. The first secret to readable web copy is making it scannable.

Please make use of white space to make it attractive and easy to read. In other words, leave some space between headers and paragraphs. Also, use short paragraphs and sentences.

Leading copywriters say eighth graders should be able to read web copy with ease. So, avoid jargon in sentences and any awkward words.

Use an active voice to encourage action and generate the reader's interest. Active voice helps put the reader in the moment and inspires action. It's more commanding than using a passive voice.

Emphasize Benefits Over Features

Another secret for converting web copy is to focus on benefits instead of features. Benefits can show the value of your products while features lack depth.

Users are more concerned about how your product will help improve their lives. You leave a lot unsaid when your copy focuses on features. With benefits, you can add emotional words to make your copy relatable.

Include Visuals

Your web copy won't reach its engagement potential without visuals. This is because, without visuals, words alone can appear lifeless. Visuals in web design are some of the best content marketing tools.

Visuals can increase content consumption and boost website conversions. Users have short attention spans─ they want digestible and attractive content. Adding visuals breaks down content. It makes copy more eye-catching and scannable.

Add Expert and Research-Backed Insights

Google favours EAT content. This is content with expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Without EAT, Google believes your content is shallow and undeserving for better rankings.

One of the top website copy guidelines is to create SEO-friendly copy. Part of this involves ensuring your copy is EAT-compliant. So, link to authority sites, and add accurate facts. Give people reasons to trust and recommend your website.

Create High Converting Website Copy

Creating a compelling copy with a potential of high conversions is no easy task. You need to integrate several elements to make it valuable and SEO-friendly.

If you're looking to skyrocket your website copy results, it may be time to hire an expert. Contact us for help with professional copywriting services for your website.


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