Newsletter Design Ideas to Increase Clicks and Conversions

newsletter design ideas Nov 21, 2022

If you're looking to increase your conversion rates, then you might want to think about redesigning your business newsletter.

A business newsletter can improve your branding and give your customers a chance to see what you've got going on behind the scenes. They're great for boosting engagement and showcasing your latest promotions as well.

When you're not seeing clicks and conversions out of your newsletter, then something's wrong. It could be that your content isn't hitting the mark, or it could be that your newsletter isn't visually striking enough. Today, we're going to give you some newsletter design ideas to inspire change in your content.

Once you've got the perfect design in place, you're sure to see a boost from your customers.

Your Subject Lines

If the newsletter is going out via email, you'll quickly realize that your subject line is going to make or break you before the customer even starts reading. When you're a big brand, you've got the luxury of notoriety on your side, so you can be vaguer in a subject line.

For the little guys, you've got to be specific about what the email and newsletter contains and who it's from. Trying to draw people in with a few words isn't easy, so choose them carefully.

Brand Your Newsletter

Branding is really important in newsletter design because it's an easy way for the customer to recognize you and what you're about. If they're familiar with your brand already, it's going to be much easier to boost conversions with your newsletter.

The visual elements are important, but so is your tone of voice. Make sure whoever's writing the email is getting the right tone and make sure the design elements match the rest of your online presence.

Web-Safe Fonts

Using attractive fonts can be really tempting, especially if your newsletter relies on things like infographics and other graphic design features. However, you should always ensure that you're using web-safe fonts, or else they're not going to come across.

There's nothing worse than crafting a great newsletter, only to have it dismantled because your font choice doesn't jive with the customer's browser.

Colour and Image

Using colour effectively will go a long way. In fact, taking the time to learn about the psychology of different colours can help you give your newsletter the perfect mood. Make sure that the colours you decide on will interact well with your branding.

Striking the right balance between text and images is going to be a really important design element as well. Most people prefer newsletters with lots of images because they cut down on reading time. On the other hand, some people disable images in order to load pages faster.

Get To the Point

Lastly, make sure you get to the point. Assume that your customers don't have all day to sit and read your newsletter. Instead, focus on calls to action that will boost your clicks and conversions.

Utilize Many Newsletter Design Ideas

Using these newsletter design ideas will help you increase clicks and conversions, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. For help with improving your digital marketing, from newsletters to social media, contact us at Infinite Design House.


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