What Is Responsive Web Design (and Why Is It Important)?

responsive web design Jan 18, 2022

Today, 81% of consumers conduct online research before making purchases. The internet gives us a wealth of information at our fingertips at lightning-fast speed, so it's easy to see why consumers do this.

Because of this, the majority of businesses have an online presence. But it's simply not enough to just have a website. You have to make sure it's easy and intuitive to use.

And this can be done through responsive web design.

What is responsive web design anyway? And why is it important for your business? Read on to find out!

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is basically web design that allows your content to respond to the dimensions of whatever device it's being displayed on. This means that whether a user is looking at your site through a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, all the elements will look the same and won't be distorted (either too small or too big).

Now, you might've heard of the term "adaptive design" and think it's the same thing. However, the key difference is that with adaptive design, elements might be changed up between devices for optimal viewing. This is done through templates that are created for every device class.

On the other hand, with responsive web design, the same file is used for every device. However, CSS code will optimize how it renders on the device.

Why Is Responsive Web Design Important?

As of April 2021, 54.61% of web traffic is from mobile phones and 2.76% of it is from tablets. In the past, an overwhelming majority of people only surfed the internet from their desktop computers. But the fact is, smartphones and tablets have made it very easy to get online, so people have flocked to those devices instead.

If your website is currently only optimized for desktop viewing, imagine what loads on the screens of smartphone and tablet users. Chances are, it'll be distorted and hard to use, which can discourage them from finding out more about your company. Even if you've got the perfect products and services to offer them, the user experience can be so bad that they'll click off and try your competitors instead.

Not to mention, if elements don't load correctly on every device, it doesn't look very professional. This can cause consumers to not have trust in your brand too.

Lastly, Google's algorithm favours websites that have responsive web design. This means that when people search for terms related to your business, your site will rank higher since it has a responsive website that contributes to a positive user experience.

Upgrade Your Website Today

If your website doesn't have responsive web design, then you should've realized by now that this needs to be rectified. There's a good possibility that you've already lost some potential customers, so put an end to that. Have a professional redesign your site so you keep all windows of opportunity open!

If you'd like assistance with making a mobile responsive website, then get in touch with us today. We'll schedule a time to talk about your needs!


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