Why Every Business Needs a Brand Guide and How to Develop One

brand guide Dec 22, 2022

Are you building a company brand? Whether you’re a start-up creating a brand from scratch or an established company resolving marketing inconsistencies, a brand guide is a requisite for business success.

Brand awareness is the #1 goal for 89% of marketers. It’s easy to see why- the majority of investors, customers, and employees will select brands they know and trust.

If you’re ready for a strong and consistent brand identity, we have the roadmap to building a company brand guide.

How to Develop a Brand Guide

A brand guide will standardize design for every company function, from marketing to operations. It will also keep your brand consistent and recognizable to customers.

1. Determine Your Brand Identity

Your company starts with a vision and a mission (brand story). Your brand identity will be the reflection of your company’s story, values, and goals.

Brand value examples include:

  • Social values- supporting communities and charities, diversity in hiring and customer base
  • Political values- public stances on equality, human rights, government policies
  • Economic values- fair employee pay and working conditions
  • Environmental values- green energy, recyclable products, reducing waste and carbon output

Your brand identity should align with your target market’s values. Over three-fourths of consumers report their loyalty is with brands whose values match their own.

2. Build Consistent Company Branding

At each stage of design, company branding should have an overall impression in mind. An exclusive jewellery store will build a different brand (elegance) than a local bakery (hominess).

Company Logo

Logos are important for impressions, awareness, and recognition. It’s the first element customers associate with your company. For example, the Nike swoosh is one of the most recognized and valued logos in the world.

Brand Colors

Iconic colours provide an 80% boost to brand recognition, according to market research. Google’s basic color pattern and McDonald’s red and yellow colour schemes are prime examples.


The font design reflects your company voice. A professional, high-end service would use clean and upscale fonts. A casual or offbeat brand would select a more stylish and expressive typeface.

Images and Graphics

The photography and graphic style should complement your logo, colors, and typography. Minimalist black and white photos wouldn’t match a warm color scheme and sociable typography, for example.


The overall design of your media (websites, blogs, advertising, etc.) should incorporate all these elements seamlessly. Like the other elements, the design will reflect the brand identity you want to inspire in customers.

3. Use a Brand Book

A brand book will provide a style guide for your company. This brand guide will:

  • Maintain a reference guide for brand identity
  • Ensure company branding consistency between all departments
  • Provide company branding best practices
  • Provide examples for brand design do’s and don’ts

A brand book will also keep your brand identity consistent when using external services, such as contractors, advertisers, and resellers.

The Best in Company Branding Services

If you want the best brand guide, consider hiring experts in brand design. The right branding agency can provide polished company branding for less time, cost, and stress.

Our services are tailored to deliver your unique brand across your market. Contact us to get started on building your brand today.


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