3 Easy Ways to Boost Organic Traffic and Covert Leads

organic traffic Mar 10, 2022

Over half of all trackable traffic comes from your customers' organic search results. Do you have a plan to leverage this powerful tool to get more views on your website?

No matter how strong your SEO strategy or paid campaigns are, you can't deny the effectiveness of direct traffic. You can earn your customers' trust by helping them find your site organically instead of targeting them with aggressive ads.

Whether you want more views to build brand awareness or are looking to strengthen conversions at the bottom of your sales funnel, you need to include organic results in your business plan. Here are three solid ways to boost organic traffic to your site and convert your leads.

1. Strong Primary Keywords

You need strong keywords woven throughout your site to make sure you show up in your customer's search results. There are a few methods to discover which one will work best for you.

There are several tools online, both paid and free, that will help you generate the appropriate long tail keyword your site needs. However, these can have a slight learning curve if you're just starting out.

As a beginner, the easiest way to find the best organic keywords for your website traffic is to think like your customers think. Consider what terms they might search for, plug it into Google, and see what comes up to feel inspired.

Once you have your preferred primary keywords, put them to work in the right places. Add it to your about or FAQ page, in a headline, and in alt text for images.

2. Original Content

Creating custom, original content is a great way to draw traffic to your page organically and earn your customers' trust. This can be time-consuming, but ultimately worth it.

Start by reinforcing your product pages on your site. Your customers want to see what you have to offer, so make sure you're clear about everything you have for them.

Invest in either a professional photographer or a better camera and lighting rig to get the best images and video possible. You've got seven seconds to grab your customer's attention, so use them wisely.

3. Start Being Social

Social media is essentially free advertising. By optimizing your profiles and being active on multiple platforms, you'll boost your SEO strategy and earn organic clicks.

Being active on social media isn't about just posting those great photos and videos you took from following our second tip. It's about answering customer questions, responding to reviews, and engaging with potential customers in their own space.

Drive Organic Traffic to Your Site Now

These three important steps will help you drive organic traffic to your site the moment you add them to your online lead conversion strategy. Don't rush through them and be as deliberate as possible to get the best results from them.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that results from your organic strategy aren't instantaneous. It's a long-term plan, and you have to change it up as SEO rules evolve.

We want you to stay competitive and ahead of the curve when it comes to organic SEO. Contact us today to start working on a strategy that will get you conversions.


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