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Lisa Pezik

Content strategist and Owner

Lisa is the creative force of our business. She dives deep into every project she takes on, bringing her signature passion, spark, and bubbly energy to the process.

She has helped grow countless companies to 7-figures. She has mentored under some of the best, including Brendon Burchard, Bo Eason, and Roger Love.

She’s a Business Strategist, a #1 International Amazon Best Selling Author, Thrive Global Author, TEDx Speaker, Off-Broadway Playwright, Solo Theatre Actress, Songwriter, Podcaster, and former RN who knows how to bring the best out of your business. Check out Too Big For Her Britches Solo Musical that our team branded and marketed filling sound out houses!

Eric Pezik

Brand and Digital Strategist and Owner

Eric is the left brain of our business. He’s a systems thinker with a brilliant eye for detail. He’s known for his expert setups, creative problem-solving and long-term vision. He has helped countless companies grow to 7, even 8 figures.

He’s a creative at heart and has a keen eye for detail, and bringing a vision to life is his secret sauce. He’s not just a great thinker — he’s a top-notch creative director by trade.

He might be quiet, but don’t worry — he’s listening to every word you say.

Marko Klobucar

Digital Marketing & Ads Specialist

Marko has been with us from the start, drafting and executing marketing strategies geared towards making a business impact with real tangible results.

He is very much results oriented and does performance marketing without the unnecessary work that doesn’t drive results.

Marko invests in his knowledge on a regular basis, loves IT, MarTech and is well versed even in some development tasks. He’s the nitty gritty guy in our team.



Video Editor

Michael Drappin is a Professional Freelancer for more than 5 years. By the time he quit the 9 to 6 corporate job, he started to develop self-learned creative skills and undergone Digital Marketing Training at Udemy and DigitalMarketer Lab. Apart from it, he plays a big role in contributing to different businesses in terms of creative integration and optimizing successful campaigns.

His background in advertising, visual design, video editing and social media management gives him a cutting-edge competitive approach. Mike is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of modern-day advertising techniques. He considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations in marketing and advertising and stays in tune with the latest digital marketing strategies through continued upgrading.

And let’s not forget our team mascots

Because there are quite a few of them. If you’re a dog person, say hi to Penny and Pearl, our floppy fur babies who spend most of the day dozing on the couch. If cats are your thing, we’ve got Castor and Peanut, who love to make themselves heard during client meetings.


Pearl is the best girl. When Lisa saw her face online, she knew she had to rescue her all the way from Texas. She’s partially blind, completely deaf, and consumed by separation anxiety, which is why you’ll often see her in our laps or not far from us on Zoom calls. Pearl enjoys basking in the sun, belly rubs, long hikes, sleeping in our bed, and going for her spa day at the groomers! She’s living the best-rescued life and we’re here for all of it!


Penny is Pearl’s best sidekick and a rambunctious, full-of-life Lab Retriever. Both her tongue and her tail are deadly weapons — and so is her flatulence. Penny loves cuddles, belly rubs, playing fetch in the yard, long walks, and Kong toys.


Peanut is a mitted Ragdoll with the softest meow. He’s never far from us, and loves playing like a kitten. He also loves to stare at the birds, chase flies, and has never met a treat he didn’t like! With his half-brown, half-white face, he reminds Lisa and Eric of Gizmo the Gremlin with a face of Grumpy Cat.


Kastor was the first of our roost. He’s a mitted Ragdoll with the same dad as Peanut, and he loves to sing opera — or perhaps that’s what he tells himself. He becomes especially vocal when we get on calls and his first priority in life is drinking fresh water from the tap. His favorite sleeping spot? A load of fresh laundry!

We conduct the necessary research to gain deeper insights and understanding. Then we provide strategic direction to the design process and give you our observations and recommendations. Research and planning are among the most important things we do for our clients.


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We’re Eric and Lisa Pezik. We’re a husband and wife duo who work side by side from our living room, supported by talented team members (copywriters, graphic designers, video producers, website and funnel developers, media buyers, social media specialists, and blog and SEO experts) from around the world. Even though we run a business together, we’re very different humans — and that’s what makes our business so unique.

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