5 Effective Ways to Track Online Brand Reputation

brand reputation Apr 13, 2023

Business owners who have a marketing department and a public relations team may think that everything they're doing to attract and retain customers is working.

Yet, without a strong monitoring process and results-oriented culture, a business owner may not know whether they are succeeding or not.

Did you know that 50% of companies with employees fail after their fifth year in business? If you want your company to succeed and stay in business for decades to come, you will need great ways to track your online brand reputation.

Keep reading to learn about five successful ways you can track your online brand reputation. Let's get started!

1. Google Alerts

There are a number of different tools you can use to monitor your online marketing efforts.  You likely have a handful of keywords your content targets in order to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) levels.

To see if your keywords are being picked up across search engines, you can sign up those Search terms through Google Alerts. Google Alerts will notify you when new content and news items have been published regarding the keywords you want to target.

This will show you if Google search engines have noticed your website's content such as your blogs and product pages. You can set up Google Alerts through a few simple steps.

First, enter in the search items you want to receive notifications on. Then choose the type of alerts you want to receive as well as how often. Finally, specify which email address you want the alerts delivered to.

2. Track brand reputation through HootSuite

Do you have a handful of different social media platforms you post on? Do you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram?  if so, you should consider using implementing Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to monitor and track your social media content all in one location.

You will be able to view social media analytics and engage your customers in one place instead of having to log into multiple platforms. You can schedule messages and monitor your brand reputation using Hootsuite.

3. Be more transparent and open to feedback

If you use online marketing, your company could also benefit from receiving feedback from your customers. In order to be more transparent, don’t hide any criticism and address it in a public setting.

Make sure your employees have the freedom to talk publicly about your services or products. Create a direct one-on-one communication channel with your customers such as through email or a customer service line.

Most of all, don't be afraid to ask for feedback.

4.Complaint Search Box

If you want to find out whether your customers are having problems, then install Complaint Search Box.

This tool will conduct a Google search on more than 40 complaint websites to make sure your customers and clients don't face any problems with your company.

5. Monitor comments and react quickly

When it comes to your online reputation, you’ll need to monitor what people are saying about your business online. For example, SocialMention is one tool that looks through the social media landscape for a brand or search term you enter. The tool lets you look through blogs, videos, images, or questions.

When you find a complaint, you will need to react quickly and politely. For instance, if someone had an issue with your product or service and posted it on Twitter, you can reply immediately with, “We are aware of the problem. We are working to address it and will get back to you soon.”

Do you have any other questions about tracking your brand online?  If so, leave a comment below or contact us here!


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