5 Essential Reasons to Hire a Lead Generation Specialist

lead generation specialist Mar 14, 2023

Have your sales hit a plateau you can't seem to break away from? Even the best sales teams need the occasional boost to catalyze them with fresh energy and leads.

If you're currently without a lead generation specialist, hiring one may be the perfect solution to your current sales lull. Here are 5 reasons that hiring a lead generation specialist may be the best thing for your business.

Why Hire a Lead Generation Specialist?

Before we breakdown why you need a lead generation specialist, let's talk about what it is that they do and why it's so important to your sales team.

Simply put, a lead generation specialist helps you evolve from being that business that makes annoying cold calls to one that turns strangers into individuals with a genuine interest in your business.

When you think of lead generation specialists and how they work their magic, you may think of such tactics as blogging, coupons, online content, job applications or events. All such strategies help lead generation specialists identify people who have responded or taken some kind of action that shows they'd be potentially fruitful leads.

1. Their Job Is All About Results

Hiring a lead generation specialist means they are focused on one task only: finding effective ways to produce lucrative leads for your business.

Lead specialists aren't distracted or burdened with other aspects of sales. Their sole purpose is getting you results, and those results come in the form of quality leads.

2. Cut the Sales Cycle

This is good sales 101: the quicker your sales team can identify people who are ready to make a purchase, the more overall sales they can make. A lead generation specialist works to help your sales team figure out which potential customers are ready to be approached and guide them into place so the sale can go through.

3. No Cold Calls

According to research, barely 2% of cold calls produce results. That's hours of wasted time and an unthinkable amount of wasted money. Instead, hiring a lead generation specialist will make the most of your marketing investment by finding you more actual referrals and qualified leads.

4. Get Expert Advice

Too many in-house marketing teams require everyone to be a jack-of-all-trades. It's nearly impossible to expect one marketing employee to be an expert at everything from writing, analytics, sales, lead generation, strategy, search engine optimization, copy editing, web design and more.

Instead, by hiring a lead generation specialist, you have a dedicated expert working full-time to find you quality leads and turn encounters with your business into referrals. They work to support your marketing team while providing expert value.

5. Save Money on Fruitless Marketing Strategies

Stop throwing money at PPC campaigns and other frustrating "strategies" that simply drain your monthly marketing budget with a tiny ROI.

Lead generation specialists are like literally putting your money where your mouth is—or where it will count the most.

More Savvy Sales Insights

Take a look at your budget today and see just how effective your current marketing strategies are at generating useful sales leads. It may be long past time to consider hiring a lead generation specialist to start getting real results.

For more marketing advice, read our post on the 7 most prudent questions to ask your digital agency.


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