5 Ways to Design a Great Website User Experience

website user experience Dec 06, 2022

Did you know that a design made around a strategic user experience could potentially raise conversion rates by almost 400%?

That's an extensive conversion rate that simply can't be ignored!

Website user experience is made up of a number of tactical and strategic elements, some of which are more obvious than others. This UX (user experience) plays a vital role in how your visitors view and use your website.

Read on for five ways to improve the UX of your website.

1. Stick to Conventional Design Elements

Sometimes it seems like a great idea to design your website in such a way that it is totally unique and stands out, but alas, this may not always work in your favour.

Humans, generally speaking, get used to things being a certain way. So sticking to the user experience with certain elements is a good idea. Keeping your logo in the traditional top corner, place your call to action buttons at the top of your page so visitors know where to look for them, and keep your search button near your menu bar.

Having these elements in the same place will add to the user experience, as your visitor will likely navigate to where they're accustomed to finding them, making it much easier for them to use.

2. Prioritize Your Website's Speed

There's potentially nothing more frustrating for a website visitor than pages that take forever to load.

With mobile usage at its highest peak, the ability to simply navigate away from a website that is taking too long is just a finger tap away. Prioritize speeding up your website so that it is at its optimum performance level.

Google has a great tool for analyzing the speed performance of your pages and help you to make the right changes.

3. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

As mentioned above, smartphone users are at their highest levels ever, with reports coming in that many businesses have users that visit their websites mostly from mobile devices.

To optimize your website user experience you need to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile viewing. What does this mean?

In a nutshell, you want your website to work and be easily viewed on any device, so your overall design and content need to be interactive and change for the design it's being used on. The right service provider will do this for you.

4. Focus On Text Formatting

When it comes to the text-heavy content on your website, keep your formatting simple and easy to read. If your font of choice is not showing in an easily readable pattern, your website visitor will simply exit your site and find something more visually appealing to read.

Stick to using big headings, short and concise paragraphs, and bullet lists. Use bold and italics to highlight important notes within your text so that it will catch your reader's eye.

This style of text will keep your reader engaged and on your website.

5. Use Your Own Images

A great way to focus on your website user experience is to try to steer clear of stock images after stock images. Yes, some of these images are of high quality and can be really useful when you simply need to create a visually appealing page.

But, using images of your actual team, your actual product, or your actual service can go a long way with creating an impression for your website visitor.

Prioritizing Website User Experience in the Long Run

Promoting website user experience on your business' site is not a quick task, designing for UX can be a journey that takes time to really find how your website should be and if your users are able to get maximum usage out of it.

Do you want advice on how to build a good website and to help with your user experience? Read this article.


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