7 Logo Design Rules You Need to Know and Follow

logo design rules Jan 24, 2023

An important part of branding is your business logo. It is your calling card. When done right, people will be able to identify your brand simply by seeing your logo.

Think about top brands like Nike, Apple, and Amazon. Did their logo or product come to mind?

There are various logo design rules to follow. In this article, we will point out the most important ones.

Are you a company looking to create a logo or are you thinking about rebranding? Keep reading for seven logo design rules you need to know and follow.

Why Follow Logo Design Rules?

Every aspect of a business has rules. We follow them if we want to be successful. Going against the grain when it comes to your logo is risky.

Knowing how to design a logo takes many factors into consideration. Getting just one of them wrong can change the trajectory of your brands message.

Let's look at a few.

1. Reflect Your Business Personality

First and foremost, your logo needs to reflect the personality of your business. Do you have a day spa or a fun center for kids?

Not too many people would want to go to a spa that has an oversize mouse as the logo.

2. Has a Colour Scheme

Colour schemes are also important when it comes to branding. It doesn't mean you can't use your logo to fit certain marketing campaigns. In general, your logo should have standard colours to give its unique aspects.

3. Easy to Understand

Don't make your logo too busy. The relevance of branding is for people to immediately connect with your company, product, or service.

4. Scalable

There are various mediums where your logo will be displayed. Print, online, packaging, signage, and apparel are a few. Your files must be in scalable vector graphics for the logo design to adhere to standard printing protocol to display correctly.

5. Balanced

A balanced modern logo design is one that isn't too busy. One aspect of the design should not take away from the message you are trying to convey. Images, fonts, and colours should complement each other.

6. Transferrable

Transferrable logo design basics mean the logo will have the same effect regardless of where it is being displayed or the surface. Your logo must be able to transfer from colour to black and white.

They may also be times when the background has to be transparent.

7. Is Memorable

Do the first six things correctly and your logo design will be memorable. This is the ultimate goal. Over time people will be able to see your logo and immediately know your product or service.

It's Time to Create Your Brand's Logo

We hope you have found these logo design rules to be useful in creating your perfect logo. Remember, your logo is often the first thing people see when introduced to your business. You want to get it right the first time.

If you're looking for a professional logo design, we're here to help. Click here to contact us regarding your design needs.


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