A Complete Guide to Social Media Advertising

Apr 06, 2023

If you're in business today, you need social media.

When compared to traditional outbound marketing, studies have shown a 100% higher lead to conversion rate for social media.

Social media advertising allows you to reach your target audience with a clear message and easy to follow CTA.

In this complete guide, let's explore how to run an effective campaign.


Establish Your Objectives

Ultimately, you may be hoping for more customers and more sales. But not understanding the objectives that result in this outcome can lead your efforts astray. Be clear on this first and everything else will revolve around it.

Some common objectives for a social media marketing campaign are:

  • Brand awareness - If you're an unknown startup, then you must crawl before you can walk. Your first goal is brand awareness
  • Followers - You may want more followers either to build up a social media presence as an industry influencer or to have a strong band of supporters around you to begin spreading your brand to others.
  • Engagement - Engagement is about gaining more genuine interest in your brand. They're already aware of you. Through engagement, you strengthen that bond.
  • Conversions - Finally, you may have the goal of conversions in the forms of click-throughs to sign up, buy, complete a quiz or click through a listicle as you display affiliate ads.

Know your objectives to reap all of the benefits of social media advertising

Determine Your Target Audience

As a business, you already know who your target customers are. You'll want to line these up with your advertising campaign.

Each social media platform will allow you to select who you're targeting. As with any marketing campaign selecting too large of a target can backfire... If you try to connect with everyone, you connect with no one.

Carefully plan which target you intend to reach and then design your ads so that they speak directly to this target audience.

Create A Must Click Ad

A must click ad is the following:

  • Visual - It gets attention and encourages a second look. Visual content has 650% greater engagement that a non-visual piece.
  • Relevant - It should be something that your target cares about now.
  • Value Proposition - It should entice the target with an offer they can't refuse
  • Clear course of action - The target knows exactly what to do to claim the offer.
  • Strong landing page behind it - Each ad (or ad group) should have its own landing page that is optimized according to what you hope to achieve.

Measure Results

When measuring your social media efforts you'll have two focuses:

  • Results over time - Not only is this important to the overall health of your long-term strategy but you need to be able to recognize the baseline of engagement on your profile so that you can clearly measure the success of your campaigns
  • Campaign results - Your campaign analytics with a clear begin and end in line with your individual campaigns.

While you will likely be measuring many metrics, your primary metrics will be determined by the goal you established above.

  • Brand awareness - Measure number of views and number of shares. How many people are seeing your brand?
  • Followers - Measure your net followers. How many new followers are you luring? And how many are staying?
  • Engagement - Track your shares, likes, and click-throughs. If you have a video, you'll track whether people are watching it. If they're visiting your blog, you'll look at whether they stay on the page for an amount of time.
  • Conversions -Track your click throughs and then the actual conversions once they reach the landing page.

Social Media Advertising Made Easy

Regardless of your goals, social media advertising is the way to grow your business.  If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you achieve your objectives through social, contact us today.


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