Done For You or DIY- Which is Right For Your Business Growth?

Sep 29, 2022

"It's all doable, babe"

That's what my husband (life partner), business partner, and raising another tiny human partner said to me when I was looking at our vision boards on New Years Day.  

"Don't get stuck in the how."

I told myself. 

Although I believe very much in karma, manifestation, and the law of attraction, I know that you have to have a plan and actually do the work if you want things to come true.

But do you have to it all? And do you have to do it alone?

No. No and No. 

Our basic human survival instincts rely on being in a pack. Stay with the pack, chances are you won't get eaten. Venture out alone, you could possible starve, get injured, or get eaten. Chances of survival;  Zero when you're alone.  

In modern day, we aren't out hunting for food, water or shelter, and we aren't fighting for land, but chances are if you're in business or you're growing a business, you want it to survive. It's your version of survival and it doesn't need to be that hard. The myth that we need to grind, struggle, and work until we're dead.. needs to die. 

You have dreams and plans that include freedom, travel, time to do the things you love, financial freedom, charity work, and living an epic life ahead.

So why not give yourself grace and get help. 

If you've ever considered a done for you service, here's why we chose to take our company in this direction and why I only hire done for you services for our business.

1. Done for you services aren't cheap, but neither is an all inclusive 5 star vacation.

Have you ever stopped to think about how many people are serving you when you're at a dreamy all inclusive vacation?

The beach workers from the sand and seaweed clearers, beach chair set up, cleaning, bar, waitress, housekeeping, front desk, entertainment, chefs, bell boys, shop keepers, coffee makers, the list goes on and on.

Image how stressful it would be to have to fend for yourself in a place you don't know, and how many people (and money) you'd have to go through to get the right fit for the experience that you want to create?

On our team, we have Eric and myself as strategists and team leads, 3 copywriters, 3 VAs, a branding team, a coding and development team, FB ads expert, SEO team, and a social media team. 

2. Ask yourself.... 

  • Do I want to write my own website, funnel, and email copy? Do I know my SEO keywords? Do I know sales psychology?  Am I too close to my own brand or does it flow easily for me?
  • Do I have the time to post/create content everyday on FB, IG, LI, Twitter, TikTok, Clubhouse, You Tube?
  • Do I have graphic design skills such as creating logos, color boards, worksheets, power points, and website graphics in the right size, font, and pixels to look professional and on brand?
  • Do I know how to code websites so they are mobile responsive, with SEO, load quickly, and updated frequently? Do I know how to do anything custom or do I have to stay with the template?
  • Do I know how to set up, manage, track, re-target, and scale FB, IG, Google, and You Tube ads? 

3. Do you have the time and is that where your best time is spent?

If you answered no, do you want to take the time to learn? If you answered yes, is that the best use of your time? Is that what makes your impact and income grow when you do those activities?

Speaking, sales calls, and coaching are what makes our income and impact grow. Not editing my own podcast, writing my own sales copy, putting the fancy touches on an IG story, or setting up my weekly newsletter. Staying in my lane makes me happier and healthier.

4. You can either invest time or money.

If you're someone who loves learning and wants to do it yourself, then a DIY approach may be a right fit, but don't do it if you want to "save money." What happens most times is that you end up having to hire 3-4 companies to get the job done, they all blame each other when things go bad, and the cheaper you go, the more mess you have to deal with (which may end up costing you more in the long run.)


I love a grind and working hard to bring things into life, but in business, we're all about ease. We're all about the path of least resistance with things you CAN control. 

To learn more about our services and how to work with us, fill out this quick questionnaire! 

Written by Lisa Pezik



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