Here's The Value of Story Branding and Why Narrative Matters to Your Brand

story branding Apr 27, 2023

Did you know that 80% of people want brands to tell stories?

Many people think that marketing is simply about pushing your brand or promoting your image on social media, but marketing is much more than that.

You need to discover how to connect with your audience. Your customer base wants to believe in the narrative you're telling about your business.

Do you want to learn more about why story branding matters? Check out the info below to learn everything you need to know!

1. Connect Your Customer Base

Storytelling is at the heart of connecting with people.

Human beings have always communicated with stories. Think about all of the myths, legends, and fables that have been handed down over generations.

People often become extremely attached to the stories. You should think about how people develop a "love" or "affection" for a story.

You can achieve this with your brand. This can be with any product from a car to a pair of trainers and can be achieved by relating to people's real lives.

When selling a car, the ad may promote the image of family road trips. This is a story many people can get behind.

2. Cut Through the Noise

Nowadays, it's easy to be overwhelmed by more and more new brands competing against each other.

You may find yourself thinking "how could you possibly stand out from the crowd?" But with a compelling story to tell your brand is bound to come out on top!

You need to get creative about how you relate to your audience. But, once you grip your customer base with a concept - they'll be hooked.

3. Make Your "About Us" Interesting

You probably already have an "about us" page on your company website.

This may even include a bunch of information about your company's history, timeline and people. But, you shouldn't simply bore your audience with stats and names.

Create a fascinating origin story that amazes your audience. How did you and your co-founder meet? How did your startup idea take shape in the early stages?

You can inspire people with your brand story. This also brings people together to get excited about your brand.

4. See the World From Your Customer's Eyes

People will want to engage with your brand if they believe that you think as they do!

If you can show that you know how they experience the world, then you can incorporate this into your brand's story.

Are they concerned about sustainability? Create a narrative for your brand that shows that you care about environmental issues too.

This would enable you to connect on an even deeper level with your customers. They'll realize that your brand speaks to them.

Read More About Story Branding for Your Business

Now you know the importance of story branding for your business. You need to explore how you can take advantage of this growing trend in marketing.

From connecting with your audience on a deeper level to getting creative in new ways, story branding can help you expand your business.

Are you interested in learning more about how to connect with your audience with story branding? Contact us for help with your marketing strategy!


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