How Do You Know When It's Time To Rebrand Your Business?

rebrand May 09, 2023

Any small business that experiences a period of growth has to think about rebranding.

It doesn't work for every company, but rebranding could be what takes you to the next level. Going through a rebrand is a massive decision that's going to end up being a ton of work on every imaginable level, so you have to give the potential outcomes a lot of thought. Obviously, it can be a bit scary because of this.

This fear is what deters many businesses from moving forward with a rebrand, but you can't let the fear of the unknown hold you back. Today, we're going to give you a few of the signs that indicate that you should consider rebranding.

Set Yourself Even Further Apart

A rebrand can be really beneficial when you find yourself in a deadlock with some of your competitors. It's not uncommon for similar businesses to get lumped together, so rebranding can help you break away and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Generic is never good. A great brand will reflect your unique ideals, so figure out what makes you different from the next company, and inject your branding with more of that flavour.

Looking to Appeal to a New Target Market

Getting to the point where you have to do a rebrand because you want to appeal to new customers is a good thing. It means that you want to move beyond what you're known for, which shows that you're ambitious.

Unfortunately, when you get to a certain level as a young company, you get pigeon-holed for doing a certain thing. If you want to expand to a new target market, it becomes difficult because the public associates you with doing what you're good at.

Proving your worth comes with giving people quality, but leaving your old brand behind is a great way to reshape how you're perceived.

It's Outdated

There's a really good chance that if you've had the same branding for 20 or 30 years, that it could use an injection of something fresh. Very few companies, whether it's a massive corporation or a small local business, nail their brand so well that they never have to go through a rebrand.

Outdated branding can be harmful in ways that you might not even realize. If you've found it hard to hire new employees or your sales have mysteriously dipped in the last few years, that could very well be because your brand isn't coming across anymore.

There are dozens of companies that have had successful rebrands for this reason. It doesn't always have to be because of a PR disaster or that your business is pivoting. It can be that you've been successful for a long time and you just need a change.

Is It Time to Rebrand?

If your company needs help with a rebranding strategy, contact us at Infinite Design House. We're a results-driven creative design agency with 20 years of experience building successful brands. Don't let your old brand hold you back, work with us on your rebrand and show the world the new you.


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