How to Write a Tagline That's Perfect for Your Business

how to write a tagline Nov 29, 2022

When you hear "Just Do It", you immediately think of Nike and the Swoosh logo that resembles a checkmark. This is the power of business taglines that send a clear, effective, branded message to customers.

The secret to great slogans is in selling the product benefits, not the features. For example, if you sell headphones, you want to use the clarity of sound as a selling point, not the decibels or technology. With cosmetics, you want to sell the results of using your products, not the ingredients.

Wondering how to write a tagline that'll grasp the attention of your customers? Read on to learn the best tips.

Step 1: Know Your Business Goals

Before you can think of a tagline, you need to know the goals you want to achieve with your business and products. When you have a defined purpose, you can insert this into your tagline.

This is similar to finding your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and figuring out why and how your business is different from your competitors.

Step 2: Find Inspiration

If you need some inspiration and examples of good company taglines, Google and Pinterest are your friends. You'll find the world's most popular slogans and the stories of how they came to be.

You can also research your competitors and see what kind of taglines they use. The dictionary can be a great way to find inspiration if you want to use unique or specific words and phrases.

Step 3: Brainstorm Ideas

When you have all the inspiration you need, it's time to brainstorm ideas. Write down all the slogans and taglines you can think of. Don't think about them too hard and don't tweak them; just write them down.

Next, go through your list and cross out the ideas you don't like or that don't fit. Aim for at least 10 good slogans before you narrow them down to three, and finally one.

If you'd rather hire branding professionals to create a business tagline for you, contact us today to discuss your needs.

Step 4: Connect It To Your Brand

The best business taglines are simple, and perfectly describe what the brand is about. Think Nike's "Just Do It", Apple's "Think Different", and Maxwell House's "Good to the Last Drop". These slogans embody each brand's purpose while stating the benefits of using the products.

Taglines are not the same as your vision/mission statement, but you can draw inspiration from it to create your slogan.

Step 5: Trim, Tweak, Test

Once you narrow down your options, it's time to test the tagline with your customers. You can also ask your family and friends for their opinion or conduct an anonymous survey to gather feedback.

Then, you can trim the tagline and tweak it until it's just right. Taglines don't have to be too long or witty to be catchy. They just need to match your brand voice and tell customers what they're getting.

Now You Know How to Write a Tagline Your Customers Will Love!

Now that you know how to write a tagline, it's time to start brainstorming and test out ideas. The best slogan for your business is the one that describes it in a few simple words with no additional explanations.

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