LinkedIn Marketing: An Amazing Opportunity for B2B Outreach and Sales

linkedin marketing May 23, 2023

Businesses who embrace LinkedIn marketing generate 277% more leads on average than those who market on other popular social networks.

If your brand isn't marketing on LinkedIn, it's time to start. Keep reading to learn why and a few tips for success.

Why LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing strategy is proven to help marketers with customer acquisition. The platform is the top choice for professionally relevant content. In fact, 91% of executives regularly use LinkedIn.

The platform also accounts for 80% of B2B marketing leads. These are just a few reasons why you should expand your marketing efforts to include LinkedIn. If you already market on LinkedIn, here are tips to improve your strategy.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips

At its core, LinkedIn is a social media platform. Many social media marketing tactics apply when developing a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Here are a few tips for how your organisation can market on LinkedIn.

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

When you're focused on improving your marketing strategy, you might overlook your personal LinkedIn profile—which is a mistake.

It's essential to make profile improvements to increase your chances of getting noticed by other businesses.

First, make sure your profile picture is high-quality and relevant to your brand. While headshots are standard across most industries, this varies based on brand personality.

It would help if you also listed your current position and at least five relevant skills.

Involve Your Employees

Don't just focus on your personal marketing efforts, but get your employees involved as well. Your employees should be seen as advocates of your brand. They can play a crucial role in strengthening your network on LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn marketing plan should require heavy involvement from your employees, so encourage them to add your company to their personal profiles.

Your employees can become involved by sharing relevant news and articles that feature your brand.

Another way to engage your employees is to ask them to become involved in relevant groups to establish their expertise in your field.

Share Content That Adds Value

Ninety-eight percent of content marketers curate content on LinkedIn. This is especially fruitful for lead generation and B2B marketing.

Content marketing on LinkedIn should aim to add value to your audience's lives. B2B marketers who put their audience's needs first are often the top performers.

LinkedIn allows users to share different content types—links to your website, articles, slideshows, and videos are among the most popular types you'll see.

LinkedIn reports that content shared on their platform receives about nine billion impressions each week. However, there are only three million users sharing content weekly. This means that one percent of LinkedIn's 260 million users share posts that net those nine billion impressions.

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