The Different Types of Advertising Mediums, Explained

advertising mediums Sep 06, 2022

Businesses rise to advertise. In 2019, the Canadian advertising industry made more than 11 billion dollars. That was nearly 400 million dollars more than the previous year.

The number of advertising mediums is one reason why the industry is making so much money. But you don't have to break the bank to promote your business. You just need to know what types of advertising mediums there are.

What is print advertising like? How does advertising on the Internet work? What exactly is outdoor advertising?

Answer these questions and you can pursue cheap yet effective ways of promoting your business. Here is your quick guide.

Print Advertising

Print advertising involves printed publications. There are a few types of advertising mediums that are in print.

Newspapers and magazines are the most common print mediums. Printing in several daily newspapers can remind readers of your business. But the life of a newspaper is short, with readers spending only a few minutes reading it.

Magazines tend to last for longer periods. Nearly all magazines support ads with colours in them, allowing you to print high-quality photographs. Your business can seem more respectable and you can attract many clients.

Brochures are great educational resources. They provide short descriptions of your business's products or services. This makes them better for the end stages of your advertising process.

Fliers are single sheets, limiting their educational potential. But their short length makes them easier to hand and pin on bulletin boards. They are great for local businesses.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising involves the Internet. It is a cheap way of marketing that lets you interact with your audience.

You can shoot videos that provide information on your line of work. Marketing through original content makes you seem respectable and entertaining. If you don't like videos, you can produce blog posts.

You can use banner advertising that runs along the width or length of a page. These ads are not popular amongst Internet users, especially younger ones. But if you use compelling visuals, you can draw in an older audience.

Social media marketing counts as digital advertising. Instagram marketing is visual-heavy, allowing you to show demonstrate what services you offer.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising involves placing ads in popular locations like street corners. The most common form of outdoor advertising is billboards. They provide plenty of room for captivating visuals, but they can be hard to see.

Posters can get plastered on walls at the eye levels of pedestrians. Though smaller than billboards, they provide enough room to describe products.

If you want to take a risk, you can get involved in guerrilla advertising. You can place visual art pieces in common areas. You can even create games for potential customers to play.

The Essential Advertising Mediums

All advertising mediums are important. You can print in multiple daily newspapers to remind people of your business. You can also grab readers' attention with a colourful magazine ad.

Digital advertising is more interactive. You can engage in content marketing and you can draw attention with compelling banner ads.

Outdoor advertising is direct. Billboards give you space to capture peoples' attention. Posters go at the eye levels of pedestrians.

Embrace all of these mediums. Infinite Design House creates inspiring and informative visuals for all mediums. Contact us today.


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