The Millionaire Mindset- Do You Have What It Takes?

Sep 08, 2022

When the pandemic first hit, Oliver, our 7 year old, was in heaven.

He's always been our attached at the hip, can't get enough of mom and dad, kind of kid.

We know that education is everywhere, and we weren't worried that he'd "fall behind" in school. As our business boomed in the pandemic, he'd look and listen for the lessons that we could teach him. 

Everything from sales, and project management, creation, equity, boundaries, and even my miracle morning of movement, meditation, and journaling.

Eric, his creative dad and my loving hubby, set up his own Peloton station next to me, we'd mediate as a family, and we'd journal and write letters to ourselves from the future.

To me, that was as important a lesson as 12+7 and the opinion writing strategy.

Eric and I have always had opinions about what we're capable of and where we're going in life.

As Oliver and I peddled faster and faster on bikes that go nowhere, I couldn't help but think about movement.

How often do we get stuck in the 6 figure rat race? 

How often do we think more HUSTLE will get us to a million?

All that's doing is burning precious energy. There's a better way. 

First, you have to believe that a million is yours.

I know, I know. Woo woo, manifestation BS is what you're thinking. The inner skeptic is coming out, but hear me out.

When I had Jan Janzen on my podcast, she trademarked the line, "6 Figures is the New Minimum Wage." We talked about how women drastically undervalue and underprice themselves.

A year earlier, I was at a event where we had to plan our financial future. In a breakout activity, my partner said she wanted 10k Months.

I said I wanted 100,000k months. She looked at me with wide eyes and said, "how?" I looked back at her and said,

"How is a losing question. I don't know how. But why 10k?"

She said, it's what everyone is raving about! I asked her if that's what SHE wants to rave about and she replied,

"Well of course, I'd want more."

If you want more, then say it! Check yourself before you wreck yourself, sister.

Next, you have to make your customer feel understood.

Everyone argues with me that pain point marketing is the way to go. When used right, it can be.

But not from a place of icky, you better invest with me, buy my course, use my products OR ELSE.

Is that very inspiring? Is that very action oriented? No.

Is that incredibly ego driven? Yes. 

A proper value ladder meets people where they are at. You're never creating one product, you're creating 3.

If they don't take your core offer, what's something less intensive they can start with? If they want 1:1 action with you, do you offer it?

This is where the beauty of a funnel and email marketing comes in. The funnel and email have these conversations for you. 

Now, you don't want to sway the other way and automate EVERYTHING.

We want to invest and do business with people we know, like, and trust. But by the time the person is getting to you, they have come vetted and ready.

They are EXCITED to talk to you because you've helped them understand where they need to go, and that you'll help them get there.

It's not about more hustle. It's using strategies and systems to their full capacity and valuing you time.

Keep your time exclusive for higher ticket items like 1:1 coaching or a mastermind.

Lastly, the age old, if you help enough people get what they want, you'll get what you want. 

Many times when our sales are low, it's because we haven't made enough offers. Here are the 4 main places that I love to offer my services:

  1.  A one click up-sell on the cart page of a funnel
  2. An order bump on the cart page of a funnel
  3. Part of the thank you video on the thank you page of a funnel.
  4. As a "P.S" in the introductory email

Offer what you have when you have their prime attention.

Ultimately it's about using systems and strategies to scale, and getting really good at sales. If you're not sure what a funnel or value ladder is, and how it can benefit your business, check out our free 7 Figure Value Ladder training!

Written by Lisa Pezik


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