The Value Of Meme Culture For Marketing Campaigns

meme culture Apr 11, 2023

Are you looking for a new way to market your company?

While well done and strategically placed traditional online advertisements still work, finding creative avenues to brand visibility can put you ahead of your competitors.

Embrace the meme culture for your marketing campaign! An internet meme refers to an image, captioned and often altered for humour.

Keep reading to learn how using memes can boost your marketing campaign!

Solid Trend

While some trends pass before you even hear about them, others embed themselves so deeply into a culture that you forget they did not exist at one point. Memes fit the latter, spanning the entire internet culture around the globe.

Google Trends shows that over the past 5 years, the significant number of meme searches remains rather steady. This means that you do not need to worry about wasting resources by launching a meme marketing campaign. It will serve your company well for a long time.


Memes do not require the resources that other types of marketing ads do. They require a few words and an image that fits.

You can jump on a trending image with a unique, clever caption, and your company logo. Or, you can use completely fresh content and hope you create the trend. By spending less time and money here, you can focus your resources on expanding your business in other ways as well!


Well made memes can be hilarious. Using humour in your agency branding will work in your favour.

Humour improves mood, making people feel happier and less stressed. Tying this feeling to your brand creates loyal customers.

Funny things also improve memory, according to psychological research. This means that marketing content that makes consumers laugh also helps them remember your product or service.

Brand Personality

Consumers prefer to buy from personalities, not businesses. Building a personality for your brand makes it more relatable, and people tend to create emotional connections.

Memes help create a sense of character for your business. People will think of your brand as clever, funny, modern, trendy, etc. Make your company likeable with meme marketing.


We get flooded with content all day long. Much of it, we scroll through without even recognizing it. Memes grab attention with quick wit and images.


Social media allows people to share content with the simple click of a button. People can and will easily share memes on any social media site and through their text messaging. This makes memes an ingenious marketing strategy.

You pay for the content creation and then people will share it, increasing your visibility for free! This creates a branching effect. If one person sees the meme on your page and shares it with ten people, what if each of those recipients then shares it with ten more?

Embrace Meme Culture

If you want to take your brand marketing to the next level, embrace meme culture. You will attract the younger generation of consumers who will eventually take over the market.

Do you need help developing your brand and marketing it? Contact us to see how we can help!


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