Web Design vs Graphic Design: What Are the Differences?

web design vs graphic design Jan 12, 2023

Whose services would you hire if you needed a new look for your website? Or a new logo? Or social media images?

All these tasks demand design expertise, but some would be better suited to the talents of a graphic designer while others would call for a web designer to work their magic.

When it comes to web design vs. graphic design, it's important to understand the differences. They work together, but they also stand alone as separate disciplines. And while most people think they are the same, both involve different skills and are used in different ways.

Let's take a closer look at graphic design and web design to find out more.

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design focuses on the creation of visual content that relays a specific message, often about a product, event, or campaign. It's possible to use graphic design to express ideas and thoughts through artistic means. But, graphic designers can also use their skills to communicate more commercial messages and ideas using graphical and textual elements.

What is Web Design?

Working alongside a website development team, web designers focus on the functionality of a website and how design can facilitate this. In specific terms, web design involves planning and arranging elements for online access and sharing, ensuring that the design of the interface makes for a good user experience across all formats.

Key Differences Between Graphic Design and Web Design

Here are a few key ways that graphic design and web design differ:

  • Permanence - While graphic design is permanent, web design is dynamic. Graphic design involves creating graphics, such as logos, that usually remain unchanged once produced. Web design must be flexible enough to change as and when needed
  • Interactivity - Graphic design is visual but static, with no interaction required from the viewer. In contrast, web design guides users to click on buttons and follow links, offering an interactive experience that relies on functionality.
  • Technical Skill Level - Graphic design requires expert knowledge of design principles, editing, typography, and other related skills. Web design also involves some visual design knowledge. But web designers must also know about programming and web building, including the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Relationship - Web design involves continuous updates, maintenance, and testing, requiring an ongoing relationship. Graphic design is not this demanding. Once a design is finalised and approved, there is no need for any changes

As this quick comparison shows, there is some overlap between web design and graphic design at times. But there are specific skill sets, uses, and implications for each that are important to understand.

Web Design vs. Graphic Design

Many people confuse web design and graphic design, with some even believing that these terms are two names for the same process.

But, with this information on web design vs. graphic design to guide you, it should now be a lot easier to understand the differences between the two.

Want to learn how our web design services could help your business? Feel free to contact us here at Infinite Design House today!


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