What I Learned From Staying With a Wolf Pack

Jul 21, 2022

The wolf represents safety.

There is a depth to their eyes.

We see a strong footing, yet lightness in their body.

Each member of the pack plays their position as they roam. They are strategic with their movements and their howling penetrates deep within my soul.

This was truly an experience.

We pulled up to our log cabin at Parq Omega, nestled deep in the woods, to sleep with our pack.

There was no TV, spotty Wifi, and we left our iPad and computers at home.

It was family time to connect and observe.

When I locked eyes with the alpha male, I felt time stood still.  I could care less about being plugged into our digital, always available, world.

And as the wolves slept or strategically stayed hidden, my heart burst to hear the laughs of my 6 year old while playing charades, hangman and I-spy. 

I couldn't help but wonder, are these wolves and this experience the messenger for something bigger than me? 

This was more than just a cool family vacation.

The wolf's energy armed me with:

1. The freedom to think and roam freely.

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started in business was doing it the way everyone else did it. I spoke like the leaders in my industry did. I sold with the same tactics they did, I followed their blueprints to a T. The ones they emphasized to "never stray from"....... and I lost myself. 

I woke up, created content that I thought I should share, rinsed and repeated. A client came along here or there, but I was always trying to please others, while betraying myself.

It wasn't until I met my current mentor Bo Eason, that I started to think about what matters to me. What kind of life I wanted to live, and to share what I wanted to talk about. When I blazed my own path and led from my heart, the right clients, the right team members, the right people came. 

Stop and ask yourself,

"Who am I rehearsing myself to be?"

(Thank you, Bo for that question!)

2. Take the pulse of the room

When wolves travel as a pack, you'll see the Omega (the weakest) in the front, and the Alpha (the strongest) in the back. No one is left behind.

The back of a room has the strongest view as you can keep a pulse on everyone in the room and especially your pack.

Before I speak on a stage, I get there early to get a sense of the crowd, the MC, the other speakers.

When I hop on a sales call or a client coaching call, my ears are up, my eyes are locked, and I'm listening first. 

My best position is played watching the team, encouraging clients to work at their best, and giving them the freedom to develop at their own pace, while meeting them along the way.

We provide safety to our clients.

  • To tell vulnerable stories
  • To dream into big ideas
  • To invest hard earned money
  • To put themselves in the arena. 
  • To chart their own course
  • To do things their way
  • To trust our expertise

When the Alpha connected with me (he laid down beside me for a time) I knew my place. 

The morning we left, we observed the alpha and a pup playing. Really it was the pup jumping on the alphas back, and the alpha giving the pup little nips on the nose. 

Sometimes we need a pup to encourage us to play and I'm thankful for my 6 year old's wisdom. 

And as his mom, he is my reason for doing hard things.

The day he was born, I felt a power and a purpose that I didn't know I had. Wolves don't attack people, unless someone threatens their babies.

Never once did I see bared teeth, or did I get the feeling they wanted to hurt us. There is no need to fear something we know nothing about. Instead we led with curiosity and were very respectful that we were in THEIR territory. 

The next time you enter into someone's space. Whether on a zoom call online, in person at a meeting, lead with curiosity, respect, and expert focus. Provide safety by saying less and listening more. Lastly, be prepared and execute.

I found my place and my voice through the mundane practice of telling stories, writing content, doing voice warmups, moving my body, reading articles and studying others. This vacation was a recovery and study session.

Where can you immerse yourself to grow?




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Written by Lisa Pezik


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