Why You're Not Popping up on The Front Page: SEO Mistakes

seo Feb 02, 2023

Are you working around the clock optimizing your copy and spending money o SEO and marketing strategy and still not finding yourself on the front page?

Google's algorithms are constantly changing and it can be challenging to keep up with SEO best practices. However, there are some key SEO mistakes that can be fatal for front page rankings.

Are you making these 5 SEO mistakes?

1. Not Optimizing for the Right Keywords

Keywords are one of the fundamentals of good, and bad, SEO. For a page to be competitive, it needs to optimize for the right keywords. If you're a local business targeting high traffic global keywords, it's not going to help you rank.

If you're using generic keywords that don't match searcher intent, you're going to attract the wrong visitors to your page. Avoid using broad keywords with good data but that has a lot of competition. It's difficult to compete with niche sites that defend the front page ranking with full-time SEO specialists.

Focus on specific keywords that match searcher intent and have a decent amount of traffic.

2. Not Using Internal Links

Any content that you publish should have links to other pages of your website. This is the way that users and search engines explore your website for more content.

If you don't use internal links, your web page won't be indexed and Google will ignore it. Aim for a minimum of two internal links on every page of content and try to make them valuable and informative for the reader.

3. Publishing Poor Content

Good, high-quality content is the backbone of your web page. It's not just about creating optimized content but creating valuable content. Avoid re-wording your own blog posts or other site's content and ensure good quality writing - even if that means hiring a professional.

Your content should be free of spelling and grammar mistakes, easy to read and understand and make use of short sentences and paragraphs.

Avoid duplicate copy at all costs and stick to unique, well-written content. Google pays attention to good content written with authority. Goo

4. Quantity of Links over Quality

Getting backlinks to your pages from other sites is an important way to gain authority and increase web traffic. So, it's easy to fall into the trap of trying to gather as many links as possible. Quality, over quantity, is much more important.

One link from a site with high authority is more valuable than plenty of links from untrustworthy or low ranking sites. Avoid purchasing backlinks from agencies who promise the world. You may get links from sites with a low DA, or that have been penalized.

5. Not Providing a Good User Experience

User experience is extremely important for Google, other search engines, and most importantly, your users. The web is awash with content and users are not going to waste time navigating hard to use or outdated sites and unoriginal pages.

Over half of mobile users won't spend more than 3 seconds waiting for a site to load so you need to ensure you have a good loading time. Ensure you have an attractive design that draws users into the experience of being on your site. Last but not least, your site should be easy to navigate.

Get Help With SEO

A good SEO strategy can seriously improve your business growth, profits and web traffic. It's something you cannot ignore and that you shouldn't do badly.

If you need help with amazing visual designs for your site, Contact Infinite Design House today. Our visual marketing agency is creative and results-driven and can give your business the boost it needs.


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