5 Strategies for Creating a Profitable Digital Marketing Funnel

digital marketing funnel Nov 08, 2022

Digital marketing is a vital part of any businesses’ overall marketing strategy, but with so many options available, what makes a profitable digital marketing funnel for your company? The old methods that worked so well a decade ago have changed drastically.

The customer’s journey isn’t as straight forward as it used to be, and you need to attract them through all areas of the marketing and sales funnel. Funnel marketing isn’t just for large corporations, but everyone from small to medium size businesses.

Learn what makes a marketing funnel profitable and how you can most effectively use your marketing efforts to grow your company.

Use Content to Attract People All Along the Digital Marketing Funnel

Content includes your blog posts, web copy, eBooks and more. People don’t start out their buyer’s journey going straight to buying. They do research and then decide whether to buy your product or service.

Blog posts that tell people the advantages of your service, common problems people experience without your service and answering common questions prospective buyers might have.

Web copy that explains your services and white papers or eBooks that provide in-depth information. It should all be optimized for search engine optimization.

Social Media is Key for Your Funnel

When people want to know more about a company, they go to social media sites like Facebook. Why? Most businesses have profiles on Facebook, and they use their feed to ask people for their opinion on businesses.

You can use social media to promote your blogs, engage with customers and answer questions about your business and services. People may direct message you.

It’s important to be active on social media because people so judge your company based on your activity. It’s also important to not ignore questions or comments placed on your social media.

Google Search Engine Ranking is Prime Real Estate

For people in the researching phase of their buyer’s journey, one of the first places they go for information is Google. They’re not looking for your business specifically. They could be looking for information about their problems or recommendations for local area companies.

Search engine optimization uses keywords, schema and other methods to earn higher rankings for various search queries.

Leads Come with Email Marketing

People all along the sales funnel can be swayed through good email marketing. You get their emails through signups and gated content but provide them useful information and newsletters that keep your company top of mind.

Email marketing has been around for a long time, but it still has one of the best returns on investments.

Don’t Forget About After Care

Have you visited sites like Yelp or Facebook to learn about reviews for companies? People trust online reviews from third-party sites and it’s one of the best ways for lead generation.

Encourage customers to review your business online. If you get a good review, then thank them. If you get a bad review, apologize and try to fix the problem through email or direct messaging.

Use These Strategies for Your Marketing Funnel

Your digital marketing funnel is comprised of many different avenues. These are some of the common ways you can use those methods to develop a successful funnel from top to bottom. It’s important to have varied content and develop your customer base.

For more information about marketing funnels and digital marketing, please explore our site.



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