Successful Sales Funnels: How to Make a Funnel That Works

how to make a funnel Jan 24, 2023

The Rule of 7 is generally accepted in the marketing arena. In essence, it states that your customers must be exposed to your brand, message, or business at least 7 times before they will convert to a sale.

To capitalize on this rule, you need to learn how to make a funnel that takes your consumers through those 7 contacts. Read on to learn how to make a sales funnel that works.

How to Make a Funnel That Works

A sales funnel is the process or steps that move people through the first contact to the purchase decision. Here are some of the key pieces of information that feed into how to develop an effective one.

Research Your Audience

You can't create a sales funnel without knowing your audience. Make sure you understand who your customers are, including:

  • Basic Demographics
  • Buying Habits
  • Social Media Habits

There may be several types of customers that you serve. I this case, you need to understand where they are different.

Create a Customer Avatar That Speaks to Your Brand

From your research, create an Avatar or a visual picture of your ideal customer or customers. This will help you to develop content that speaks to them.

After you have created your Avatar, don't forget to focus on your branding. The lack of a consistent, authentic brand message will undermine your sales funnel as much as the lack of a clear customer Avatar.

Develop a Traffic and Lead Generation Strategy

This is the fundamental component of your sales funnel. Focus on where your customers are and help them to find you. This can be done through social media, print advertising, or direct contact.

Lead generation often includes providing your customers with something free that brings them into your site or store.

Continue to Engage Your Audience

You should create engaging and meaningful blogs and email content. In social media, the visual impact of your message often leads the way. Create engaging videos and social media engagement.

Convert Your Leads

This can be done by reducing the number of steps needed to purchase. Following Amazon's example, 1-click sign in and the order can help convert your leads to sales.

A sales funnel must include awareness, interest, decision, and action components. All of these components should work seamlessly together to help move potential customers through the process.

While this may seem complex, in reality, we can help you navigate the process to easily and efficiently produce results.

Are You Ready to Stretch Your Creativity?

In our modern, data-rich world, it is hard to set your brand apart. We understand how to do the research to gain insights that we use to develop a strategic direction that drives customers to you. We can help you learn how to make a funnel and then use it effectively.

Contact us and allow our experts to bring clarity and objectivity to your visual branding.


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