How to Establish Yourself as an Industry Leader on Instagram

industry leader Jan 26, 2023

Over one billion users are checking their Instagram daily. That's one billion potential customers and one billion people to impress.

If you want to be an industry leader, you need to create a meaningful Instagram account that cuts through the digital noise.

Chances are, all of your competitors will be on Instagram too, so it's important you know how to make yourself and your business stand out.

Provide Useful Content

If you want to be an industry leader, it's not enough to throw up random photos and flimsy captions. Your Instagram will act as the face of your brand, so make it pretty.

You need to be providing useful content to your potential customers.

Keep them coming back to your feed because you answer questions that have been bothering them about your industry.

For instance, if you're a paint company, don't just post photos of how great your paint looks. Instead, add captions explaining how long your paint will take to dry, or telling people the best types of paint to use on different products.

When you offer them information, you build credibility and make them more interested in investing in your product.

Post Testimonials

No one wants to buy anything these days without reading multiple reviews.

Include testimonials from happy customers among your Instagram posts.

Show people what it looks like for a real person to be enjoying your product. Have the person write a review for you in their own words and add the review to your caption.

Testimonials from people who have used your product are another great way to build credibility.

Utilize Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to keep up with your audience without having to post constantly. Instagram stories take less time to curate than a regular post but can be seen by thousands of followers.

Make sure your stories are eye-catching and use fonts and colors that match the tone of your post.

You can use stories to teach your audience something or to advertise when you have a sale going on in your company.

Stories are also a great place to ask your audience questions. You can send out a poll asking which of two product ideas your audience likes better and they can choose in real-time. This gives you interaction with customers and tells you if your products are heading in the right direction.

Speaking of interacting with customers, be sure to respond to Instagram comments on your posts and stories. Questions that customers ask might help hundreds or thousands of people understand your product better.

Now You Know How to Be an Industry Leader on Instagram

Remember the most important thing you can do on your quest to becoming an industry leader is to post quality content.

Pay attention to the type of content that draws you in as a consumer and try to mimic that style.

Now that you know how to run your Instagram more effectively, check out our guide on how to master digital marketing and create a killer overall strategy to grow your business.


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